The future of agriculture: small, versatile robots

11 May 2020

CIMAT is a new Interreg project focusing on the development of small-scale multi-purpose robots: the solution for small players in agriculture

The increasing cost in production forces the agricultural sector to innovate continuously. Where other markets find a solution in upscaling, the Flemish and Dutch market need an alternative solution. Because the agricultural areas are smaller and more fragmented; upscaling is economically impossible.

CIMAT is a new Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands project focusing on the development of small-scale and versatile agro-robots that move towards a more sustainable agriculture. This development will move away from upscaling and focus on electrically powered robots that are modular to fit all needs of the farmer. As partner in this project, Octinion will continue the development on Titanion, the outdoor platform.

The project is called CIMAT, which is short for Catalyst for Innovative Mechatronic in Agricultural Technology. If you want to follow the activities of the project go to for more information.

The project is a collaboration between Flemish and Dutch partners active in the agricultural field: Octinion bv, Inagro vzw, KU Leuven, ILVO, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant, Delphy bv, Proefboerderij Rusthoeve, PCFruit – Proefcentrum Fruitteelt vzw, University college Roosevelt, Compas Agro and Vanhoucke Machine Engineering bv.

The project is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union through an Interreg Project. These projects encourage the cooperation between different regions in Europe. More info on: