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Explore series

Dedicated test & measurement solutions to execute a specific measurement in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Columbus Egg Tester

    Columbus is the combination of the Acoustic Egg Tester (AET) and additional volume and shape parameters.

  • Laser Scan

    Our Laser Scan was originally developed as a custom solution, and has now become a standard product.

If you have to continuously repeat the same test whether be it in a lab or on a production line, a dedicated set-up is the way to go. This allows to improve user interaction, and reduce the cost of the system as well as of the testing. The Explore series are actually custom solutions that have become products. Of course these systems make often use of software and hardware components of our ITM Suite to facilitate swift hardware and software support.

Other products from Octinion

ITM suite

A line of hardware and software to facilitate the definition, execution and analysis of measurement campaigns. Setting up measurement campaigns and analyzing large data sets is an important activity. It is however also tedious and error-prone. Use our tools to reduce the cost of your measurement campaigns, and at the same time increase their return!

Manufacture series

Octinion designs and produces mechatronic OEM components for machine manufacturers.

Agricultural robotics

Robots and machines for the agriculture and harvesting professionals