Autonomous platform



Meet Dribble, our autonomous platform that can navigate through its own indoor GPS system. We use Dribble in some of our own applications, like the Strawberry Picking Robot. Dribble is available as OEM component for integrators or can become part of an application of machine manufacturers. 

Highlights include:

  • Implementation without any structural changes
  • Flexible path definition
  • Centimeter precision
  • Available as OEM component or complete platform for a wide range of applications

Advantages and functionalities

  • 1 No structural changes needed

    Navigation based on local beacons. Within a range of 100m around the vehicle there need to be at least 3 beacons available.

  • 2 Full flexibility

    Navigation paths can be changed at all times. The vehicle can navigate on all kinds of surface, inside and outside use possible.

  • 3 Precision up to a few centimeters

Dribble is available ... 

... for integrators

Positioning and control module are available as OEM components

... for machine manufacturers

The platform can be used for your own applications. We can take care of the integration.

... in own applications

The autonomous platform is integrated in

  • the strawberry picking robot: navigation of the robot in the greenhouse in order to pick strawberries and logistic handling for transportation
  • UV shining robot: apply UV lights according to a time and crop schedule (application currently in test phase, in collaboration with Proefcentrum Hoogstraten)

Other applications will follow soon.