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Discover the range of products we have developed

Agricultural robotics

Modular system for all indoor and outdoor robotic applications

Explore Series

Dedicated test & measurement solutions to execute a specific measurement in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Manufacture Series

Octinion designs and produces mechatronic OEM components for machine manufacturers.

ITM Suite

A line of hardware and software to facilitate the definition, execution and analysis of measurement campaigns. Setting up measurement campaigns and analyzing large data sets is an important activity. It is however also tedious and error-prone. Use our tools to reduce the cost of your measurement campaigns, and at the same time increase their return!


    Flexible, robust systems with intuitive connectivity that allow for high quality measurements with limited expertise requirements. Modular, configurable 19” rack system for analog and digital acquisition, as well as a range of compact, standalone, battery-powered systems for data acquisition and control.


    Software layer on our own measurement systems that enables defining measurement campaigns without any programming experience. It supports a wide range of measurement types such as clocked or triggered analog/digital input, analog/digital input on demand, CAN busses and much more.

  • DataManager

    Web-based tool for experiment configuration, data processing and storage. Its objective is to lower the cost of measurement campaigns and to increase the return of your data by automating the acquisition, management and preprocessing of measurement data. DataManager allows you to focus on your core activity: convert the information into knowledge. The platform is also ideally suited for (remote) monitoring applications.