Mechatronic product development

At Octinion we believe in long-term customer relations. We want to be your help line for all the technological problems you encounter in the field of mechatronic product development ... Do you have an idea for a new product, but you lack the technological knowledge? That is where we come in!

Octinion is a technology provider that defines, executes and implements innovation projects, often in close partnership with the customer. Learn about our offering, and what it can mean for your company.

As Albert Einstein once said: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” At Octinion we always aim to provide the customer with the simplest possible solution that meets the specifications. After all, the simplest solution is always the most cost-effective in implementation and production. Our expertise of the most advanced techniques is your guarantee that the solution does not become “simpler than possible”.

Open innovation

Innovation is one of the most important strategies to differentiate from the competition. For most companies the question is not if they need to innovate, but how they are going to do it. The drivers for innovation are very diverse. The innovation objective may be to fill in a new customer demand, comply with new legislation or to lower the production cost of your product. Open innovation is at the very core of the business model of Octinion. For a lot of our projects we share the technological (and sometimes even the commercial) risk with our customer. This way even small companies can afford to develop new products.

What makes us different?

Octinion is your full service partner in technological innovation. As we’re a strong advocate of the open innovation paradigm, we’ll be able to reduce the cost for the customer in exchange for an extra fee when the project is successful (this may be a one-time success fee or a royalty per product) or in exchange for rights to the developed technology in other sectors. Next to the financial aspects (risk-sharing), one of the main advantages of open innovation is the cross-fertilization between different companies. Whatever your project, you will be able to benefit of the experience we have gathered in open innovation projects with others.

Other services & solutions

  • Custom test & measurement solutions

    Octinion is the ideal partner for all your measurement challenges. A specific set-up may be required to measure the performance of your machine, or get more insight in the process.

  • Data analysis & algorithm development

    Get the most out of your data! A process model, sensor fusion or a control algorithm? Octinion has a full service offering to assist you in all your development needs, be it as a consultant, component supplier or development partner.

  • Measurement services

    Measurement campaigns are often essential in R&D-projects to gain insight in the project or machinery. Setting up a good measurement campaign takes quite some knowledge, experience and/or equipment. If you don’t have these available in your company, our services will help you save time and gain quality. We support from concept to execution, including instrumentation and rental.