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About us

Octinion is an innovative R&D company mainly active in the agriculture and food industry

Our story

Our story

Our mission at Octinion is bringing innovative automation solutions to our customers. We take on mechatronic product development projects, and we have a line of test & measurement solutions. Some of our core values are:

  • “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” (Albert Einstein)
  • Our customers are our partners
  • Quality & service

Our team

Our team

Our team consists of experienced engineers and technicians, all experts in their field. We are driven by technology, and are experienced in thinking out-of-the-box to solve any problem that comes our way. We have experts in mechatronic system design, electronics, embedded software, vision systems, test & measurement and control technology.

If you are eager to join a dynamic environment, creating the products of the future, check out our jobs page!


  • CEO & founder

    Dr. ir. Tom Coen

    • Master in Electrotechnical Engineering (2004, KUL)
    • Ph.D. “Model-based Predictive Control to increase the capacity of harvesting machinery in uncertain conditions” (2009, KUL)
  • CTO & co-founder

    Dr. ir. Jan Anthonis

    • Master in Mechanical Engineering (1994, KUL)
    • Ph.D. on the control of flexible structures in agricultural applications (2000, KUL)
    • Post-doctoral researcher at FWO Vlaanderen (2000-2007)
    • Research manager at LMS (2007-2014)
    • Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Our history

Our history

Some of the milestones for Octinion


  • Growing fast… just signed our 40th innovator!

    When we say we’re growing, we’re serious! In September our innovation team will be counting at least 40 people!

  • Won the “Best Innovation Award” at the UK Digital Pitching Event in Brussels

    We were awarded for "best innovation" at a competition organized by the UK Department for International Trade

  • Called third fastest growing company in Vlaams-Brabant according to Trends

    Read all about the Trends Gazellen on the website of Trends.

  • Octinion Agriculture office opened in Roeselare

    Our second Belgian office has opened its doors


  • Octinion goes international: office in California opened

    To be close to the heart of the American strawberry industry, we now have an office in California.

  • Our 25th employee joins the team

    We're officially 25 now! Over the last couple of months, several engineers have joined the team. At least five more will join soon and we're still recruiting! 

  • Official opening of our new building

    We festively opened our new building on Thursday 15 June 2017. Next to the 500 m² of renovated offices we already occupied, we expanded our offices with another 700 m² and a brand new workshop of 600 m². The renovation gives space to over 50 employees and prepares Octinion for a solid growth in the coming years.


  • The prototype of our strawberry picking robot is introduced

    During the International Strawberry Fair at Hoogstraten, we present a prototype of our fully autonomous strawberry picking robot and of our autonomous platform, Dribble. 

  • Octinion moves to the Interleuvenlaan in Heverlee

    To support and facilitate our growth, Octinion continues to invest in its own infrastructure. We move to a new location: Interleuvenlaan 46, 3001 Heverlee. We move into newly renovated offices while we build new and bigger office space, labs and a workshop for our own production facilities. 


  • Our 10th employee is on board!

    Welcome to the team, Dries! 

  • INDUCT rebrands to Octinion

    On its 6th birthday, INDUCT changes its name to Octinion. The name Octinion represents how we bring innovation in complexity. Octinion is derived from Octonion, which are a 8-dimensional type of complex numbers. 


  • dr. ir. Jan Anthonis joins Octinion full-time as Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. ir. Jan Anthonis is one of the co-founders of Octinion. After a career at LMS, he now joins us full-time as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

  • ICON project approved by the IWT

    In this 2-year project Octinion will develop its own agricultural machine for a niche market in agriculture. 


  • Our offices move from Zaventem to Leuven

    The proximity to the university facilitates recruitment and the collaboration with the university on R&D projects.


  • INDUCT was officially founded

    In April 2009, INDUCT was officially founded by Tom Coen, Jan Anthonis and Wouter Saeys. Tom was initially the only one active in the company, starting up an office in Zaventem. 

    INDUCT stands for innovation. The name is a combination of the first two letters of innovation with 'duct' meaning 'to lead'. Our aim is to lead innovation to build bridges between for example universities and companies.

    Initially, we focus on the agricultural industry, thanks to decades of combined experience of the founders in this sector.