Event: The Octinion revolution in Agriculture

01 October 2019

Join us on Monday October 14th to see the technology of the future in action and hear all about our roadmap, and discover how we might be able to team up for your innovation project. 

For Octinion, 2019 has been a truly special year. Just to name a few highlights: we celebrated our 10th birthday, launched strawberry picking robot Rubion and we opened a test center together with our partners.


Looking back on 10 years of Octinion, we see that since day one, Octinion has had a strong focus on the interaction of biology and mechatronics. This challenge is the common theme in all our projects and developments. We’re not an engineering company, but an R&D company. This is an important difference for us, as it highlights that we only take on projects or developments that align with our own, internal development roadmap. This approach allows us to share development risks with our customers, and reduce the cost.


Want to see how we might join forces on your challenges? Join us on Monday October 14th as of 14h to see the technology of the future in action and hear all about our roadmap. Not available but still want to see what the future might hold? Send us an email (sales@octinion.com) to schedule a meeting at our unique setting of the test center. 


Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/registratie-octinion-innovation-days-14-oct-74664342057