3D measurement of donuts

How to measure the dimensions of donuts online during the production process

The objective is to measure the dimensions of donuts online during the production process. One of the differentiators of Octinion is our willingness to work on a fixed price basis. A project like this is tackled in 3 phases:

  • an offline proof of concept
  • an online proof of concept
  • the actual implementation

Each of these phases is offered fixed price to the customer.


The offline proof of concept is typically executed in a lab environment. In this phase the conceptual work is done. Questions such as which camera to use, which lighting and how to process the images are answered by executing tests on the same material as in production. The below video shows a set-up with a camera and a laser line. These are mounted on a linear actuator to simulate the effect of the donuts moving on the production line. After processing we could measure the dimensions of the donuts with mm-accuracy.



The online proof of concept then brings this set-up to the actual production environment. The processing of the data is often still done offline. The main objective is to get a better feeling for the variation of the product. In the actual implementation the integration with the factory environment is done, and the processing is brought online.


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