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HR Officer

You deal with the day-to-day HR responsibilities such as HR admin, on- and offboarding, payroll and employee recognition.


As HR Officer, you ensure that employee needs are met and that critical HR files are taken care of.

Your main responsibilities will be:

Helping out with the recruitment process: collecting required employment information such as employment application, background checks, reference checks, resumes and benefit information. It also involves being the point person for applicant questions and information flow between the organization and the job candidate, preparing salary proposals, as well as scheduling interviews and making sure documents and information such as CVs, interview recaps, job proposal, etc are available for the interviewees.

Onboarding and offboarding: you’re in charge of the on- and offboarding procedures from a to z. You make sure the right documents follow the right flow, and that new employees have a designated phone, computer log-in, software access, workstation, business cards, access badge, documentation, etc. and giving them a tour around the office when they arrive. Your job is making sure that new employees feel that they are being taken care of. Upon offboarding you take the lead in making sure all practical arrangements and administration is handled. You’ll work closely together with your colleagues from the IT and facilities team for that.

Vendor liaison: you’ll be the single point of contact for all HR Related suppliers. This includes insurance, social secretary, other benefit related suppliers but also recruitment related vendors such as recruiting agencies, interim agencies, vendors of vendors of specific HR software. You’ll make sure that all employee activities are communicated at the right time and in the right format to the suppliers when necessary (e.g. when starting or leaving the company or upon changes in status).

Employee recognition: help plan and oversee employee recognition events. This could include planning the annual employee barbecue, teambuilding event or overseeing an employee field trip. It’s your responsibility to make sure that events we organize help for the team spirit and recognition of all individuals and that the chosen activities are appreciated by all staff. You’re the employee cheerleader and help to create a fun and engaging employee environment.

HR Record maintenance: maintaining organized and up-to-date HR files, such as information on employee benefits, employment status, paid time off or sick leave. Also the maintenance of files of performance appraisal information, grievance or corrective action. You make sure all worked hours are accounted for and any vacation or sick time are tracked and put into the payroll system. You’ll answer employee questions on payroll or other HR related issues. You’ll also report on KPIs within the full HR domain.

Fleet management: you’ll be the day-to-day responsible for all car related issues. You’ll order new cars, make all administrative changes upon changes in drivers, handle fuel cards, manage follow-up of accidents and repairs, etc.  


  • You have a Master’s degree in Applied Economic Sciences, Commercial Engineering, Communication or another relevant degree.
  • Work experience is not necessary, although a first experience with social law and/or payroll is an asset. Experience with ERP systems is a plus.
  • You have strong negotiation skills.
  • You’re hands-on, you enjoy the combination of setting up a structured approach as well as getting things done yourself. Above all you are solution-oriented.
  • You are interested in technology.
  • You have high standards and strive for perfection, but you also know how to be pragmatic in order to respect the deadlines and budget.
  • You communicate well and are able to work in team.
  • Excellent knowledge of Dutch and English is required (written and oral). French is a plus.


At Octinion you'll become part of an innovative, challenging work environment with an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Since we are a young company the career opportunities are ample. We will give you the training you require to further develop your expertise and knowledge. You'll work at the main office in Leuven and occasionally will visit our Roeselare office.